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An employer branding project aims to differentiate one’s own company from the competition and to position oneself as an attractive employer among the selected target group segments.

The result of a successful employer branding process is the employer brand – the employer brand – which is individually and uniquely tailored to one’s own company.

TheelevateBoard is a circle of experts in which we evaluate and discuss analysis, research and work results according to a systematic approach. Each board member represents a specific area of expertise. In this way, we ensure that we comprehend the status quo and objectives in a holistic manner and can provide you with precisely tailored recommendations for action.

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With our many years of experience in classic management consulting, we support you creatively and competently in the areas of marketing and sales, management and human resources, as well as with proven industry expertise.


With our in-house agency, we can directly take over the development, planning and implementation of campaigns and print media. This complete package offers you a high level of comfort and a homogeneous project entirely according to your ideas.


With our international networks, our own systems and experts, we create sales channels and marketing campaigns for specific target groups at home and abroad.

The corporate process of employer branding describes the way to stand out from the competition and position the company as an attractive employer among its own target group.

The primary goal is to retain existing employees and attract new employees who are a good fit for the company.

The result of a successful employer branding process is the employer brand – the employer brand – which is individually and uniquely tailored to one’s own company.

Would you like to have employer branding in your company? Let’s get into the conversation! In a no-obligation and free initial meeting, we will get to know each other, discuss your ideas and outline the first steps for implementing employer branding in your company.

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As a personnel and management consultancy, we are a competent partner for you in all consulting matters. kneier consult developed in 1996 from the Kassel-based management consultancy kneier und partner. From 2002 to 2021 our office was located at Schloss Garvensburg . In May 2021, we moved our headquarters to the center of Fritzlar. Thereby, the partnership cooperation with our customers was and still is in the center of our way of working.

With over 20 years of experience, we offer the widest possible range of consulting services, from classic consulting to corporate development and marketing and sales consulting. In doing so, specific industry knowledge has developed over time, especially in the healthcare sector.

The factors behind our long-standing success are in-depth process analyses, excellent networking and exceptional personalities.

Cultural backgrounds can be a major challenge in communicating with different ethnic target groups. In contrast, there are great opportunities and free potentials that can be tapped with a suitable approach. Therefore, 15 years ago, we strategically specialized in consulting in the areas of ethnomarketing and Ethnovertrieb® to successfully exploit the opportunities of intercultural interaction and communication.

In doing so, we adapt your advertising and sales strategies to a previously defined ethnic target group. There is enormous potential hidden in this innovative sales area, which we would like to fully exploit together with you. We develop customized sales campaigns for you that take into account all cultural needs and personally address the desired ethnic target group.

With our integrated graphics department, we are happy to take over the implementation of marketing and sales concepts for you. Regardless of whether it’s press work, corporate media or the implementation of a complex visual design – with our full service you get exactly what we have conceptually worked out with you.

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