Employees’ performance is what makes a company stand out.

That’s why we’re here to help when demands are high in personnel, with temporary management. With targeted consulting of personnel management or analysis and optimization of work processes, we increase the performance, quality and satisfaction of your employees.

Decisive aspects in this are the willingness and capacity for change. That’s why we offer you targeted training in which your employees learn to work more effectively, creatively and innovatively.

Other offers within our personnel consultancy range are the determination of your personnel development needs, the introduction of an appraisal system and the integration of new employees.

We support you in your professional search and selection of qualified experts and managers at the top level of management. To do this, we rely on 20 years of experience in national and international personnel work.

Our services can comprise the development of search criteria and task and requirement profiles, advertisement design, evaluation of applications or even complete administration of the personnel search.

“Well thought out business conception and organization is everything, but without committed employees, it’s nothing!”

– Dipl. Ing. Hartmut Laufer

   Management author