With sales consulting we support you ... ... to set your strategic focus on sales. ... to originate new marketing-opportunities. ... to improve your customer retention. ... to organize your distribution efficiently. ... to institute controlling-instruments. ... to re-structure your sales-organisation.

Effective sales measures guarantee success – and most of them are cost-intensive.

We’re happy to advise you on your sales strategy and organization. We help you to make the means employed transparent in terms of cost and use, guarantee regular customers and create new sales opportunities. In our exchanges with you, we turn your sales employees into specialists in matters of relationship management and strategic customer service.

We adapt our range of services to you individually. We can offer you everything you need, from restructuring your sales organization to developing customer relationship management (CRM), to interim management.

The sustainability of measures undertaken is crucial for long-term success. We’re happy to support you in introducing controlling instruments for your sales and marketing with methods for analyzing e.g. sales costs and processes, strategy implementation, price and condition policies or product success evaluations.