Mergers offer companies attractive opportunities for synergies with accompanying increases in corporate sales, cost savings and market power. In view of the subsequent loosening of competition, further positive economies of scope arise, which are only part of an ongoing cascade of effects. Against this background, rising rates of mergers are an easy phenomenon to explain, but as is usually the case, a risky, complex and time-consuming procedure lies behind every opportunity that offers good prospects.

More than 20

Years of experience

More than 200

successful mergers

  • Planning

    Target definition

    Requirements analysis

    Search for merger partners

    Determination of potential and synergies

  • Decision

    Auswahl & Kontakt von Fusionspartnern

    Due Diligence



  • Integration

    Implementation of integration

    Realization of synergy potential

    Measures to maintain motivation

Over the past 15 years, we have assisted in over 65 successful mergers in the healthcare and health insurance industry. When developing an effective merger strategy, we intensively involve our clients in the planning process and prepare an in-depth analysis in advance with a simultaneous view of success-critical figures, data and facts.

Our primary focus is on the absolute exploitation of free synergy potentials with a simultaneous reduction of transaction, restructuring and integration costs.