Ethnosales is an independent sector which, in conjunction with ethnomarketing, ensures an efficient, target-oriented address and specific sales promotion for ethnic target groups. Influenced by the holistic view of ethnomarketing and the deeper structure-exploring analysis of ethnosales, a kind of “two-sector-synergy” is created, which provides an unique overall performance through mutual interaction.

In view of the deeper analysis of ethnosales, we use our many years of know-how and identify target group-specific channels with ethnic characteristics, which in turn serve as a basis for newly developed sales campaigns and messages. The primary goal here is to get to know the focused target groups in order to apply ethnically focused marketing and sales concepts in a further step. With our extensive network of partners at national and international level, we support our customers with expert knowledge and competence in the determination of a sensitive, comprehensive sales approach and ethnosensitive activities.

The integration of ethnosales into existing structures always requires the consideration of ethnic target groups within the company. The development of an ethnosales approach therefore inevitably requires the integration of all employees into the culturally sensitive design process.