With our process consultancy we support you ... in fusion and rehabilitation of your company or corporate divisions. ... with turnaround-projects. ... with the launch of quality management systems. ... with realizing outsourcing-plans. ... with improving your processes in marketing, sales, construction and production. ... with improving your processes in logistics and administration. ... with realizing new management strategies.

For any company, a smooth process, as well as interlocking and functioning of processes, are the essentials for success.

We support you in optimizing, synchronizing, and standardizing your company’s processes so that you can exploit its full potential.

We give you advice on selecting suitable figures and possible outsourcing partners, if you did not have sufficient capacity.

In process entry, we investigate the existing processes in your company in order to point out concrete possible improvements in the subsequent concept. In doing so, we take into consideration ongoing objectives, such as rationalizations, quality controls or make-or-buy decisions.

With our professional process support, we design your projects so that processes of change can be handled promptly, in a conflict-free manner and successfully in line with your budget. With a transparent and structured process, comprehensive information and persuasiveness, we can achieve general acceptance with your employees.