The aim of Ethnovertrieb® is to achieve the highest level of affinity with the respective target group and its organizational and communication structures for optimal market cultivation.

The observation and analysis is not done from the outside, but from the inside view of the respective ethnic target group. Excellent knowledge of the communication structures and channels in Germany as well as in the country of origin are the basis for the implementation of Ethnovertrieb®.

The concepts developed within the framework of Ethnovertrieb® can be classified into three basic categories according to their effect:

a) Effect in the country of origin before entering Germany b) Effect in Germany via the country of origin c) Effect in Germany with product in country of origin

Depending on the target group, different factors play a role, which we illuminate comprehensively and use our findings to develop individual communication and sales concepts for our customers. In most cases, major effects can be achieved with minimal adjustments to existing products and structures.