Ethnosales in Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania

Within the framework of a client project from the insurance industry, we are expanding our network in the Balkans and refining our expertise in ethnosales. Extensive market analyses and the investigation of relevant communication channels and processes form the basis for a product relaunch and the design of new sales processes according to the principle of ethnosales.

Extensive examinations in the Polish healthcare system

Even apparently familiar markets are full of surprises and new potential. A consulting assignment from product development forms the basis for the development of new sales markets against the background of ethno distribution in the Polish health care system.

Wave of mergers among health insurers expected

The announced reduction of assets in health insurance companies and the uncertainties of the Morbi- RSA reform in 2021 lead to a significant demand in merger consulting. KC supports its clients in strategic planning, partner search and the implementation of one or more merger projects.

Digitization in the healthcare sector

On behalf of a client, KC conducted an extensive survey in the healthcare sector. In addition to online consulting and the presentation of suitable processes in digital consulting, the topics of digital signatures and case-closing consulting were the focus of the market research.

kneier consult donates protection masks

As a quick response to the supply shortages at the “Hospital zum heiligen Geist” in Fritzlar, KC is donating 500 protection masks as first aid in the Covid-19 supply.

Emergency aid in Corona times

kneier consult supports its customers and network partners in the rapid procurement of protective clothing and air purifiers to meet the hygienic requirements for handling Covid-19.
Our extensive network, especially in China, and the fast reaction of our employees on site, has already enabled the comprehensive procurement of certified equipment for our customers in Germany since March 2020

New hospital network in Turkey

Despite great difficulties due to the corona restrictions, we have succeeded in establishing a new clinic network with over 70 clinics throughout Turkey. With another 30 clinics in 2021, the supply of travelers to Turkey is optimally secured.

University marketing

Prestigious German private universities commission kneier consult with the development of competitive strategies and their implementation at home and abroad. Relaunch and new development of the CI / CD.

Villo China comes to Germany

Villo China assigns KC with the company of the Villo Germany with the structure of its European selling network.

Rehabilitation project in non-profit social and health organization successfully completed

After two years of consulting and project work in a large West German social institution with over 1800 employees, the reorganization and restructuring was successfully completed. In addition to the economic success, new projects in nursing care are milestones for securing the future.